Spring 2023 Audio Club G. Tuttle

Mar 20 – News Alert!!

Due to an unfortunately timed case of Covid, G. Tuttle is out of commission this week. So the Audio Club meeting that had been planned for Mar. 20 must be canceled.

Assuming no unforeseen complications, we will continue with meetings one week from today on Mar. 27.

Next Meeting

The next meeting for Audio Club will be on Mon, Mar 20, at 6:30 p.m. in 3043 Coover Hall. We will discuss how to generate higher power in audio amps. Then there will be brief overview of the GTDT kit amp, an easy-to-build amplifier with enough power to drive a set of desktop speakers. Then there will be some time to build stuff — kits for the Altoids amp and the GTDT amp will be available from IEEE. We can move down to the labs on second floor and fire up the soldering irons.