2024 posts

Barkley Marathons. 03.23.2024

If you've already done the Appalachian Trail or the Santiago de Compostela, maybe you would like to take on this challenge.

Worm Moon. 03.25.2024

Some nice pix of this month's full moon.

Benched. 03.03.2024

Today's Metropolitan Diary in the NY Times is pretty good today, particularly the second story.

It's leap day. 02.29.2024

My rate of posting has been dropping — I may be headed for an asymptote of about one post every four years. So it seems appropriate to show up here on "leap day".

If you are a little fuzzy about the whole leap day thing, check out the link above. And this article has a nifty animation showing how it all works.

Mouser hits 60. 02.28.2024

Mouser Electronics — founded by Jerry Mouser, in case you were wondering — just turned 60. I tend to default to DigiKey for parts buying, but Mouser is usually just as good in terms of selection and price. (For me, DigiKey can be slightly faster and cheaper in terms of shipping.) When DigiKey doesn't have a part that I'm looking for, oftentimes Mouser will. I'm glad these companies exist, because otherwise we would have to buy all of our parts from Amazon.

Not everyone loves national parks. 02.22.2024

One-star reviews for some of our national treasures.