EE 432/532 Semiconductor Fabrication G. Tuttle



1 No lab this week.
2 Lab introduction
3 Field oxidation 1 - FOX report
4 PWELL lithography 2 - PWELL report
5 PWELL boron diffusion: deposition
PWELL boron diffusion: drive (done by TAs)
6 PMOS lithography 3 - PMOS report
7 PMOS boron diffusion: deposition (done by TAs)
PMOS boron diffusion: drive
8 NMOS lithography 4 - NMOS report
9 NMOS boron diffusion: deposition & drive
10 GATE lithography (done by TAs)
GATE oxidation
No interim report.
Include in final report.
11 VIA lithography & metallization 5 - Contacts report
12 Contact lithography
13 Device characterization Include in final report
14 Device characterization
15 Dead week - prepare final report
16 Finals week - submit final report

Notebook materials

Have these documents readily available whenever you are in lab. Print them out and put them in a notebook, if needed.

Miscellaneous lab instructions

Source wafer data sheets

Be sure to look over and understand these materials before performing boron and phosphorus diffusions.

Weekly lab instructions